A Note From Janice

Dear Lovers of Flowers & All Things of Beauty,

The scent of gardenias, it was my Grandmother’s favorite flower, drifted from her garden in the spring. They were the flowers my Mother carried on her wedding day. I am transported though time whenever their fragrance wafts through my flower studio in Bali, back to my Grandmother’s garden and all the wonders and stories of my childhood.

All flowers tell a story, of the earth, the sun & the rain, memories, passions, stories of grace and the joys of life.

I am passionate about flowers, grasses,seedpods, branches and brambles. What they represent are gifts from nature, their strength and beauty, with us for just a short time. I am passionate about how they can transform a room, a venue, and the landscape. They can elevate what and how you feel. I love flowers, I love working with brides and the grooms creating a wonder world of joy and beauty for them.

I am passionate about everything we create and I stand behind it. Thinking differently than other florists and stylists allows me to create lush, natural, sophisticated, and perhaps wild designs for you.

You know you have been looking for someone who will listen, gets what you want even if you don’t know yet what it is...
I can’t wait to meet you, create dreams and powerful memories for you and your guests and see it all happen on that special day!

Janice Lee Ripley

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